Calderon Textiles Patient Gowns

Calderon Textiles Patient Gowns









Dignity and comfort are the hallmarks of Calderon Textiles Patient Gown collection which includes a wide variety of fabrics and prints.

702-PGV - Patient Gown, V-Neck, 60" Sweep, Overlap (12 per Box)

702-PGECO - Patient Gown, Economy, 42" Sweep, Overlap/Broadcloth (12 per Box)

702-PGTWLBL - Patient Gown, Super Twill, 80" Sweep, Overlap/Twill (12 per Box)

702-PGBT - Patient Gown, Back Tie, 58" Sweep, Back Tie/Broadcloth (6 per Box)

702-PGBARI - Patient Gown, Bariatric, 107" Sweep, Overlap/Twill (12 per Box)

Calderon Textiles 702-PGV, 702-PGTWLBL, 702-PGECO, 702-PGBT, 702-PGBARI

  • Item #: 702-PG
  • Manufacturer: Calderon Textiles
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 702-PG
  • Condition: New
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Price $29.99