Dentmate Ledex WL-090+ Dental Curing Light

Dentmate Ledex™ WL-090+ Dental Curing Light










OLED display, turbo light guide rod, 7 modes (Low, Ramp, Standard, High, Fast Ortho, Plaque Inspect, Caries Inspect).

Use broadband LEDs, wide wavelength output is proper to phenyl propanedione(PPD) and Lucirin® TPO photoinitiator.

Use high power 10W broadband LEDs, up to 1800mW/cm². It can cure the composites over 2 mm in 3 secs.

Use FIND™ (Fluorescence Inspect and Determine system) optical filter. It can detect dental plaque and caries easily and clearly.

Smart heat-management system prevents the device from overheating after continuous use.

Built-in radiometer

Use cartridge battery design; easy to change the battery.

  • Light source: High power 10 W broadband LEDs, average lifespan is 100,000 hours
  • Wavelength: 390 ~ 480 nm, peak: 405, 460 nm
  • Radiant intensity: Up to 1800 mW/cm²
  • Light guide rod: Ø11>8 & Ø11>5 mm optical fiber. Steriliz-able in autoclave
  • Weight: 180 g (with battery & light guide rod)
  • Dimensions: Ø38 (max.) x L190 mm

WL-090+ - Dental Curing Light

Dentmate WL-090+

  • Item #: WL-090+
  • Manufacturer: Dentmate
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 725-WL-090+
  • Condition: New
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