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Histofreezer 36M1C


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Portable Cryosurgery System


  • Histofreezer is clinically proven, safe and easy-to-use
  • results are comparable to liquid nitrogen
  • Histofreezer is patient friendly with a low risk of pain and scarring
  • Application takes 40 seconds or less
  • does not require a freeze-thaw-freeze procedure
  • Does not require the use of messy and leaky cones, unlike other cryosurgical products
  • Requires no bulky equipment or initial capital investment, unlike liquid nitrogen
  • CFC-Free and ozone-friendly
  • Histofreezer is economically priced and reimbursable
  • NO HAZMAT FEE + All Inclusive Kits = Greater ROI
Cryosurgery kit

Wart remover


Why Histofreezer®?

Histofreezer is an ultra-portable cryosurgical alternative that treats common warts and benign lesions in less than 60 seconds.1


  • efficacy has been proven through clinical studies and clinical use spanning over 19 years
  • Easier, faster and less invasive than cutting or burning
  • 86%–100% resolution rates for warts and benign lesions

Histofreezer is indicated for most commonly encountered common warts and benign lesions such as: warts, actinic keratoses, seborrheic keratoses, skin tags, age spots, condyloma acuminata and molluscum.


  • Selecting either the 2mm or the 5mm applicator allows targeted treatment of the wart or benign lesion reducing the chance of scarring
  • Histofreezer is safe for use on adults and children 4 and over

Ease of Use

Histofreezer offers a simple, one-handed, low-risk method to treat a wart and benign lesions in 40 seconds or less

36M1C contains 1 80mL gas canister, (24) 5mm applicators, and (12) 2mm applicators, up to 3 year shelf life

Or choose value pack 1001-0295 for a case of 5 kits (call for pricing).


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Weight1 lbs
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