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Leisegang OptiK1 Colposcopes


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Leisegang’s highly acclaimed colposcopes are renowned for unparalleled precision, uncompromising quality and lasting performance. Specially selected, hand-polished and hand-set German optics, parfocal 3-step magnification, and convergent optical beams contribute to Leisegang’s remarkable depth and clarity. These light-emitting diode (LED) colposcopes offer the highest-intensity LED light on the market, coupled with improved balance contrast and increased stereoscopic 3-D clarity. The OptiK Model 1 is available in four base configurations.

  • 3 Step Magnification
  • 300mm Working Distance
  • LED Light
  • 24,000 Lux

OPTIK1-00 – Leisegang OptiK Model 1 Tilt Base Colposcope

OPTIK1-01 – Leisegang OptiK Model 1 Upright Rolling Base Colposcope

OPTIK1-02 – Leisegang OptiK Model 1 Swing-Arm Rolling Base Colposcope

OPTIK1-03 – Leisegang OptiK Model 1 Balance-O-Matic Rolling Base Colposcope

CooperSurgical OPTIK1-00, OPTIK1-01, OPTIK1-02, OPTIK1-03

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Mounting Options

Tilt Base, Upright Rolling Base, Swing-Arm Rolling Base, Balance-O-Matic Rolling Base


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